Sunday, January 14, 2007

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The Storm Is Coming

Hi Online Marketeers, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on a new site that isgoing to rock the online marketing world and level the playing field for guys like you and me. => What's it all about? Well, it starts off with a series of opt-in landingpages, or squeezepages complete with a video hosted by the renownedweatherman turned-internet-marketer, Todd Gross. He prompts the viewer to put "their name and email address" in the boxes below. Why? Because that my friends, means opt-ins for YOU! (not to mention money) You see, SqueezeVideos, every week, provide these squeezepages (oneMORE each week that is), AND free reports to give way to build your list! They even will have product recommendations o what you can promote so you can make money that way too it's the best of both worlds! A different niche is adding every week, to the growing library! They have already4 available: Adsense Squeeze Page, List Building Squeeze Page, Affiliate MarketingSqueeze Page, AND get this... CREDIT REPAIR Squeeze Page! Just think about what this can mean for you. Video squeeze pages at a fractionof the cost of what it would take to produce them! You MUST check this out, it is the hottest project of the year, and exploding on the scene. =>